The Future Path

I’m not sure how I feel about the future,
The path seems to veer before me,
Turning this way and that,
Like a meandering river breaking off into subsidiaries.

Or perhaps it is more like a web,
The criss-cross of roads not taken and the possible permutations of circumstance.

How will it end? Will I find happiness? Am I destined to be alone or will I find the other half of my lost soul?

Does it matter anyway, if I am unhappy?
One miserable creature on this beautiful planet. Does it matter if my stars do not align and my universe does not sing?

There is a choice. A choice before each one of us. A choice to either loiter through our lives feeling unfulfilled and angry at fate, or to open our hearts to the moment and embrace what life brings to us.

I face the rising sun and stride towards the future.

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