The Morning Rush

Where’s your jumper?

No, not that one, the other one.

The jam is in the cupboard.

Yes, it tastes exactly the same as the other one.

I know it’s a different jar but it definitely tastes the same.


That’s your brother’s jumper.

Your one is on your bed.

Hurry up, you won’t have time for breakfast at this rate.

Not porridge today, we haven’t got the time.

Yes, your jumper matches your trousers.

No, you won’t be too warm, it’s very cold out today.


How can it have taken fifteen minutes to eat half a slice of toast?

Put the book down. Eat faster or you’re going to run out of time.

Yes, I know it’s a brilliant book but we’re going to be late for the train.


Go and brush your teeth.

Yes, I’m making a packed lunch.

No, you can’t eat it on the way there.

Where is your brother?

Don’t forget to brush your teeth.


Hurry up, hurry up. No time for porridge today!

Put the book down, don’t get distracted.

No, that’s your brother’s book, don’t wind him up.


There you are. Did you wash your face? It still has jam on it.

Now please brush your teeth. For the full two minutes.

The FULL two minutes please.

That’s not two minutes, keep going.

Hurry up or we’ll miss the train.


Don’t touch your brother.

No, he doesn’t want you to do that. It’s making him cross.

Stop winding him up.

I don’t care who started it, just be nice to each other.

Yes, your teeth look fine. Hurry up!


Shoes on! Shoes on!

Well, where did you leave them?

Of course I haven’t moved them. Are they in the basket?

They should be in the basket. If they were in the basket, you’d know where they are.

Try the back door. Are they there?

Great, put them on.


No, not wellies! We’re not going to the park and now you’ve got mud on the floor!

Find your shoes. They must be in the basket.

Both shoes! Unless you’re intending to spend all day hopping.

No, you don’t need to demonstrate it.

Yes. I know I’m hilarious.

Yes, great hopping. Now please put your other shoe on.


Hurry, we’re going to miss the train.

In the car, quick!

It doesn’t matter which side you go in.

No, it really doesn’t matter. The seats are exactly the same.

Don’t climb over him, walk around!

How hard is it to get in the car without arguing?!

Hurry up! We’re not on holiday!


Right, let’s go.

Is everybody having fun?

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