The Big C

“I’ve got cancer”

Her voice was the same

But the words were so wrong.

It was the voice I’d heard in my childhood.

The same reassuring tone.


“It’s all going to be ok.

Everything will be fine.”

The complete confidence

Of someone who knows

Their time is up and

They have made their peace with it.



She mustn’t die

Don’t leave me

Please don’t go Mum.




Copyright © 2017 Jane Furey











2 thoughts on “The Big C

  1. You know what?! You should add a ‘like’ feature. So I can like all of them. Because it would feel totally creepy to try and comment all of them just to show how much I like your poems. And plus, giving likes is a way for people to show how much they appreciate your work and perhaps it can serve as your motivation. On the days when you feel hopeless you can just look at all the loving comments and likes and just smile.

    “Just saying~”

    Liked by 1 person

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