Acceptance…You Are Enough

We all want to be accepted by someone or something. It’s part of the human condition. Even those of use who say we have no wish to conform, we do look for others to identity with. The Hipsters who try to hard to unique by all dressing the same. The teen girl posting sultry Instagram pics with the hashtag #nomakeup or #feelingblue. The adult son who looks to his father for acknowledgement. The child that walks into a new school and tries to see which group to bond with.


In this day and age of online profiles and digital natives, we can lose our sense of self. We try to be accepted by everyone and anyone. In actual fact, the most important form of acceptance is self-acceptance. Acknowledge who you are, commend and be proud of your good points, work on the stuff you’re not happy with but at the end of the day, you have no one to answer to. You are a unique human being and you have every right to be completely yourself. Accept that.

via Daily Prompt: Acceptance

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