INFJ Poetry Project

Thank you for all the interest in the project, I’d like to get as many involved as possible to enable an accurate view of the great variety within our personality types.

Here are the general submission guidelines:

Content-wise, we are looking at between 5 to 10 poems per writer, so please have a look through your collections and see which pieces you would like to submit. I’d really like poems which echo our emotions and our reactions to life events, as well as the unique perspective INFJs often have.

There will be a credits page where each writer can have their blurb about themselves and links to anything they would like to plug. Also, the work will be copyrighted so it can’t get randomly posted around on the web!

I will be going through an independent publisher or self-publishing. I haven’t self-published collaboratively before so I’m still trying to iron out agreements on royalties etc. It may end up that we each end up receiving 0.8% of the royalties or something like that. Alternatively, the reimbursement could be the advertising space in the credits section and a free copy of the book when it is finished. Thoughts on that would be appreciated…

As this route is much quicker than the traditional publishing route, I’m hoping to get the book out in just a couple of months and then spread the word via social media before the ‘primary gifting period’ at Christmas. I think it’d make a lovely gift for someone who is an INFJ or has one in their life. Ideally, I’d like to receive the content within the next 3 weeks so there is time to put it all together and get the proof printed, checked and signed off.

So please could you:

  • Prepare and send in a blurb about yourself (including acknowledgements if you’d to add them) 150-300 words
  • Start looking through your poetry and select which ones you’d like to submit. Then email them over to me by 9th April 2017.

If that date feels too soon, then please let me know-I don’t want anyone to feel under pressure or stressed. We’re doing this for the love of the art, so I don’t want it to become a burden.
Hope that all makes sense and looking forward to hearing from you soon,
J x

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