Guest Post: ‘Up’ by Paul Rossener Regonia

When I was a kid
I would always look at the sky
I would say to bunny sitting next to the swan

My mom would ask
What do you see now
That is indeed a bunny right next to a swan

When I was a kid
I would always stare at the night
I found the tail of the scorpion

My mom would ask
What is it honey
That looks like a tail of a scorpion

When I was a kid
I would always take a peek
I saw the witch on the moon again

My mom would ask
What’s wrong my dear
Oh dear
There’s a witch at the moon again

When I was a kid
My mom would ask
What do you see my love

I point my fingers
As my imagination lingers
Those two clouds right there
One’s a mama and another’s a baby bear

Paul Rossener Regonia is a Filipino teacher by profession and by heart. Most of the times, he can be found in the classroom, teaching artificial intelligence to undergraduate students. Some other times, he’s in the lab, fiddling with a brain scanning device. But when out of sight, he is probably reading Lemony Snicket, capturing a snapshot for the day, or having his quiet time. 
Paul has composed numerous pieces, albeit unpublished ones. He has written autobiographies, short fictions, song lyrics (but without tune — he has his limits too); as well as speeches, lectures, and sermons. At the moment, his most favorite is his romantic confessional series, disclosed only to a small group of friends. He dreams of publishing a children’s book about superheroes and mental health.

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