First Impressions, Second Sight

Happy (I want you to have a good time)

Jovial (don’t look too close)

Busy (don’t give the demons any time)

Forthright (I doubt myself)
Sensitive (You don’t need to hate me, I’ve got that covered)
Kind (I’m a douchebag, stay away)
Respectful (I could never deserve you)
Dependable (I will never be good enough)
Strong (I’m hanging by a thread)
Loyal (You’ll never stay with me)
Guarded (I’m too dark for you to love)
Cautious (You won’t stay when you know me)

Loving (I am devoted to you)
Faithful (I will never leave you)
Sincere (You deserve one hundred percent honesty)
Gentle (I could never bully or hurt you)
Joyful (You help me see the light)
Confident (I was made to be loved by only you)

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