I’m getting married tomorrow…

No, really 🙂 Feeling very excited, lots of butterflies and hoping the day goes well.

Here’s a poem I wrote for my intended, a copy of which was  hand delivered to him just after we got engaged.
For Edward
Thank you for accepting.

For taking me as I am, not seeking to alter or change me.

Thank you for searching.

For scratching beneath the surface, trying to find the real me.

Thank you for trusting.

Honestly telling me the things you’d rather keep secret.

Thank you for holding.

Grasping my hand as we walk down this path called life.

Thank you for gazing.

Staring deep into my eyes, looking at my soul rather than my body.

Thank you for believing.

For your faith that I can be all the things I wish to be.

Thank you for allowing.

Me into your mind, opening your heart and taking me inside it.

Thank you for staying.

Understanding the scars that past hurts have left.

Thank you for confiding.

Sharing your hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Thank you for laughing.

Choosing to dance through life rather than endure it.

Thank you for crying.

Not being afraid to show how deep your feelings go.

Thank you for standing.

Remaining steadfast at my side while I face my demons.

Thank you for playing.

For fixing the broken souls and hearts of my children.

Thank you for working.

Doing what needs to be done to keep us secure.

Thank you for dreaming.

Seeing the futures we could have and the people we could be.

Thank you for holding.

Keeping me close and safe while the tears fall.

Thank you for loving me.

I have never known a love like it.

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