The Rape of Proserpina

Strong arms clasped around a vulnerable body,

Fingers pressed into the soft flesh of thigh.

A futile rebuttal. Powerless against a deity.

Tears; sudden and hot, immortalised in marble


A supplication for mercy, for grace. A desperate cry for help.


Her back is arched, her fingers splayed- her body tries to free itself from his hungry grasp.

Rolls of soft flesh, vulnerable and exposed.


Cerberus howls.

His master abducts the beautiful maiden, snatches her from the verdant and lush oasis.

Taken to a life of measuring souls, in the company of the dead.


Pluto is immune to the cries, the tears, the resistance.

Proserpina is snatched from her world. Her life is stolen.


An eternity in the underworld.


The desire of Pluto.

A blind-eye from Ceres.

The command of Jupiter.


Inspired by Bernini’s sculpture ‘Il Ratto di Prosperina’


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